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Best of March!

2016-04-03 18:57:38 by Pink-Ninja

Real quick post here, best of March in print screen form due to time restraints. 


Best of Feb!

2016-03-01 16:51:18 by Pink-Ninja

Febuaray was a really great month for submissions and it was a really hard pick to narrow the ones I enjoyed the most, harder than most months in all honestly but here are the my picks. 

Left & Right by @jumpintron

Endless by @arsalanes

Spaced Out by @Magoomix

Boba Fett - Red Dawn by @DailyToon

Lost by @Galbert

Blacksmith Lab by @Lampogolovii

Nine Lives of Claw (Pilot) by @Claw9Lives

House Stark Revenge by @TheMovieManiacs

Drink Beer, Neglect Family by @esayitch

Quotidian by @davidmaletz



Newgrounds After Dark

2016-02-14 15:33:29 by Pink-Ninja

Do you like to be scared? Do you welcome the chill that runs dwn your spine at the telling of a marcbe and distrubing tale? If so then I have something for you. I've collected the best of creepy pasta and short horror readings from the audio portal and mixed in a few musical intervals. I call it Newgrounds After Dark!.

Please take a look/listen and let me know what you think. If I can find more content and it proves to be even semi-popular I will compile a second volume. 

Sleep well.



Best of Jan!

2016-02-02 13:58:15 by Pink-Ninja

So it's monthly voting time again and this time around it's been really difficult. With Pixel day came a whole ton of top qaulity submissions and it's been a real challenge to narrow down my favourites but here's what I went for (again in no particular order)


Honorable mentions go to Crystals by @turtlesf - Earth Taken 3 by @SeethingSwarm - Super Gonad Smasher by @PestoForce - Wise Turn by @eliolanda - Hello from the Dark Side by @TommyVF - Pancakes by @The SpookyWood - Root & Digby Sick Day by @Jerbeh 

Like I said this month was a tough one but there you go, these are the submissions I enjoyed the most, congrats to all who have been nominated, I'm sure there is some equally fanastic stuff out there I missed, if I missed something you think is worth checking out please let me know!

Best of Dec

2016-01-02 06:40:06 by Pink-Ninja

Another month down means another round of voting needs to be conducted, here are my picks for the Best of December 15. (In no particular order) 

Good luck to all those entered and a happy new year to all!


2014-10-31 07:05:59 by Pink-Ninja

Happy All Hallows Eve Newgrounds!!!


New audio

2014-01-20 17:03:18 by Pink-Ninja

I'm terrible at keeping this up to date but I have thrown some new (or newish) audio loops and beats at NG and yelled HUZZAH! but that didn't seem to do a great deal. Instead I decided to use the more conventional method and just submit to the audio portal. Feel free to reivew/comment with either kind or harsh words, I'm not phased. 

A rare day off....

2013-05-02 18:13:08 by Pink-Ninja

I had a rare day off today and once I had run some necessary errands I had the rest of the day to myself (until my partners came home at least). I spent it drinking, frappes, reading comics, blaring music with the doors & windows open due to the nice weather and playing WOW.

A rare treat...

Forum post

2013-02-06 18:35:01 by Pink-Ninja

Games Workshop the creators of the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 table top games have taken a leaf out of Apples book and are trying to copyright the term "Space Marine" despite it being a part of Science Fiction since the 1930's. A small author who published an e-book titled Spots the Space Marine" has had her book removed from Amazon at the request of GW because of it's title.

The author they are attacking does not have the money to fight the case and GW know this, she is easy pray for them and it's sickening. If this is what it's come too then where does it end? Will the owners of the rights to Star Trek start suing over the term "Starship"? Are Disney now going to start getting pissy at people if they use the term "Storm Trooper" in their indie novels?

My view is GW need to grow up, know their place and deal with it.
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Generic Happy New Year Post

2013-01-01 19:22:04 by Pink-Ninja

Happy New Year and all the best for 2013 to everyone on NG!

Generic Happy New Year Post